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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Peek Into Jamie’s Pantry

Monday I received an email from our editor, Paula, with a question about one of our recipes. I emailed her back that I would make the dessert in question right away and get back to her with an answer by end of day. Paula responded with one question, ‘You keep M&M’s in your pantry?’. Of course I... read more →

Pecan Pie

Jamie and I love to hear stories of how a cherished baked good has formed a memory or  created a tradition that families can share and pass along. That is what Two Chicks from the Sticks is all about. This past weekend I attended my good college friend Kay Pudenz Defreece mother’s funeral. Kay’s mother,... read more →

Open House Cookies

My neighbors, Neil and Naomi, have retired and decided to move, to my dismay. They are the best neighbors I could ever ask for. They help me with my pitiful lawn, make the best soup when I’m sick, and they share my love of baking. I’m not sure how much baking Neil does, but I’m sure he enjoys taste... read more →

Rhubarb Pie

It is that time of year – RHUBARB TIME! My favorite part of Spring. The big green leaves start popping through the ground and the thought of those amazing desserts start dancing in my head. I really look forward to rhubarb treats. I remember as a kid, I used to go to the rhubarb patch... read more →


  HAPPY MAY DAY!   One of our favorite holidays growing up was May Day – the celebration of Spring turning into Summer. We celebrated this non-traditional holiday by making and delivering homemade baskets filled with sweet treats and flowers. We use the term ‘basket’ very loosely. There were two types of  ’baskets’ – one made with colored construction paper, clear tape, and pipe cleaners for handles and a... read more →